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Increase e-commerce sales with short, commercial style product videos
Why product videos

Multiple studies have found that adding quality product videos to your detail pages on Amazon can increase conversion rates up to 80%

We excel at creating commercial style product videos that show the features and benefits of a product and also tell a story, creating an emotional connection for the viewer. Our videos have a proven track record of directly converting into sales.

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Full-service e-commerce visual solutions

TPS specializes at bringing products to life. We create high-quality commercial style videos that can be used across multiple e-commerce platforms, including Amazon detail pages, Amazon ads, streaming TV commercials and across social media platforms.

Detail page videos
E-commerce advertisements
Lifestyle photography
Streaming TV ads
Social media content
Our process

How it works

1Contact us

Fill out our contact form, send us an email or give us a call.  We want to hear from you! We’ll get back to you and schedule a time to meet. During this initial call, we’ll get to know your business and products, talk about ideas for your videos and chat about your budget.

2Ship us your items

Once we’ve decided on the products you want to create videos for, you’ll either ship the items to us or we can purchase them online.


After we’ve spoken, pre-production starts on our end. This includes in-depth research on your products’ features and benefits, a competitive analysis if appropriate, storyboarding and  video planning.


Once we have your items, it’s go time!  We’ll do all the magical things we do on the backend to tell your products’ story and create your videos.


After we shoot, there’s a round of edits that happens.   Then, we’ll schedule a call to get your input, make final edits and deliver your videos.

Case studies

We deliver real results for our clients

Two committed clients improved e-commerce content by adding videos to item detail pages and running diverse video ads, including streaming TV. Within 30 days, both saw substantial business growth, showcasing a quick return on investment.

Toys & Games

University Games

Toys & Games

University Games

A San Francisco based toy and board game company, they have continued to invest in additional videos.

  • 39 videos created in 2023 for Amazon detail pages
  • 146,515 views across all videos
  • 33% conversion rate on average
  • 43,954 units sold
  • 18% lift in brand searches from streaming video ads
Home & Lifestyle

Simpli Magic

A Los Angeles based home & kitchen company and one of our first clients.

  • 29 videos created in 2023 for Amazon detail pages
  • 233,243 views across all videos
  • 27% conversion rate on average
  • 62,975 units sold
Home & Lifestyle

Simpli Magic

About us

Nice to meet you!

We are Bay Area based videographers and e-commerce specialists with over a decade of e-commerce and visual arts experience.

We specialize in creating short commercial style product videos that showcase a product’s features and benefits. Our videos tell visually stunning stories that drive sales and increase conversions bringing your products to life.

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